Aug 30, 2020

Do you own a damaged car and are you looking for the ideal solution, safe and with a competitive price, to transport it?

Many companies like ours, Trasauto Logistica, also transport damaged, non-running and crashed cars both in Italy and abroad. Discover how and request a customized quote.



Today, the transport of cars with car transporters is a very simple solution and available to both professionals and private customers. It is the most comfortable, flexible and affordable way to transport your vehicle both on a national and international level. Nevertheless, things can get complicated when it comes to transport a non-running or damaged vehicle. We ask ourselves many questions; is it possible to transport a non-running car? Do we need to have adequate insurance or coverage? Who to address for this kind of service?

Unfortunately, there are many situations that make our car non-running, being it a simple malfunction of the car, or a collision, or a mechanical problem…

Many people have created a real business around damaged cars, which can be sold at a very attractive price, and have them transported on the car transporter to the place of destination or sale.

The “classic” transport of a perfectly functioning car with a car transporter doesn’t have the same cost of the transport of a damaged car. Why?

Actually, the risks are very important both in the pick-up stage and the delivery stage. All the car unloading and loading operations require not only a highly suitable and professional material, but also experience in loading and unloading vehicles.

A lack of experience could cause greater damages to the vehicles, making the transport complicated and dangerous for both transporters and people on the street.

Trasauto has been dealing with the transport of damaged and non-running cars for about 30 years. These cars require a different treatment and “ad-hoc” solutions. To best adapt the transport, both in terms of insurance and support – as well as in terms of professionalism and safety – it is fundamental for us to understand if your car is in perfect condition or damaged already during the quotation request.

Often, to avoid the costs of the transport with a car transporter, we rely on cheaper solutions and act without the intermediation of professionals, such as being towed by a friend to the place of destination. But this is extremely dangerous, as it not only risks the worsening of the status of the vehicle, but also endangers the circulation of the vehicles.

Our service allows to transport non-running cars throughout Italy and abroad, in very short delivery times, with a highly qualified administrative support and a safe transport.





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