Jan 27, 2022

Rich, super-equipped, roaring and comfortable: these are the adjectives that define a luxury car. With their classy design and dynamic driving, these real four-wheeled masterpieces dominate the streets without going unnoticed.



The luxury car is a symbol of great elegance and glitz, especially for men.

Because owning an expensive car, or a newly registered car, worth hundreds of thousands euros, is a way to show off one's wealth as well as to enjoy it.

On the international level, there is a very large number of automotive companies specialized exclusively in the luxury sector. The main objective is a guarantee of refined quality, excellent performance and an aesthetic impact of absolute importance to its finished and marketable designs.


How to recognize a luxury car?

It is not uncommon that numerous companies, such as MercedesBMW, Maserati, AudiPorsche, to name a few, which produce a very large number of cars, that have dedicated a large part of their resources to the luxury segment.

Collectors, or those who own an unspecified number of very high-value cars, at least more than five, are constantly growing.



Luxury cars to flaunt wealth
Owning an expensive car worth hundreds of thousands euros, is a way to show off one’s wealth.


These cars are bought for both the quality and the actual value of a car with an approximate cost of hundreds of thousands of euros, and for the hypothetical value, destined to grow over the years, or rather over the decades.

What distinguishes luxury cars are some very specific parameters.

First, the aesthetic, which must be of absolute value, with appreciable lines and design, and above all with luxurious interiors, equipped with leather seats, and all kinds of optionals.

Secondly, but no less important, the performance of the car is of absolute importance: it is therefore important to take into account the maximum speeds, the time to reach 100 km/h from standstill, road holding, horsepower, the power of the engine and why not, also the consumption. The choice can never be superficial, and it must always be accompanied by thoughtful reflections on the pros and cons.


Difference between luxury cars and supercars: power and price

Luxury cars generally represent the best in terms of comfort, performance, safety and technology. And a good luxury car has innate qualities that go beyond leather upholstery and wood finishes.

The materials used for the construction are much more valuable than those of traditional vehicles. Power tools, automatic climate control systems and audio systems with Bluetooth connectivity are included.

Many luxury models also offer four-wheel drive and can be had in sedan, coupé, SUV and convertible body styles.

But what differentiates a luxury car from a supercar?

A luxury car is the right car for those who live in a comfortable condition and can afford a lifestyle that is beyond the ordinary, and with maximum comfort.


Lifestyles beyond the ordinary
A luxury car is the right car for those who live in a comfortable condition and can afford a lifestyle that is beyond the ordinary.


Generally speaking, a supercar is a highly customized sports car produced in a limited number of specimens, sometimes tailored or unique in the world.

But, in addition to the exclusive equipment, they are cars with an extreme design that ensures maximum power and record speed.

In Italy, one of the most developed segments of the automotive industry is the production of luxury cars.

Mercedes, Maserati, BMW were the first to help create and then develop the luxury segment. However, the list price of some models reaches figures of five zeros, with accessibility reserved for a limited category of drivers.



Luxury cars can be so comfortable and enjoyable that once you try them, it can be very difficult to readapt. But this exclusive driving experience has a price consisting of both the initial purchase cost and the post-purchase maintenance costs.

In order to choose your luxury car, you must carefully look at the list of standard equipments.

On European cars, the big brands do not offer much more than the standard already envisaged in models ready to be placed on the market. In fact, some features, such as metallic paint, leather upholstery and safety equipment may be offered as an option at an additional cost.

High-tech features are often included in very expensive multifunctional packages.


Luxury in different shapes and sizes. The news of the market

The sedan and coupé segments of luxury cars and SUV models occupy a price range from € 40.000 to € 60.000. They are mostly of interest to a slice of the market that considers them a pleasant compromise between performance and elegance.

They offer driving fun and interior sophistication, without having to discount bulky dimensions or complex technical features.


Pleasant compromise between performance and elegance
A slice of the market considers luxury cars a pleasant compromise between performance and elegance.


The large sedan and flagship segments, on the other hand, tend to be very expensive, for what concerns both purchase and future management. Even if the technology used by car manufacturers today offers hybrid and turbocharged engines that are gradually improving fuel consumption. Rear-wheel drive is the best setting for ideal weight distribution, to manage agility, ride comfort and soundproofing. Although all-wheel drive is offered as an option.

Luxury cars are the machines that executives choose to drive and must therefore offer exceptional comfort for both the driver and passengers, as well as high levels of technology and advanced connectivity systems, often being used as mobile offices.


The most expensive and most bizarre options of luxury car

Whenever it’s possible, spending money on a car is very easy. Car manufacturers offer their high-end customers top-of-the-range equipment for really sophisticated customizations. An example is the interior of the Audi A8. They can be in Poltrona Frau leather for costs up to 36 thousand euros. Maserati also offers the possibility of a special paint finish with a matte finish at an approximate price of 18 thousand euros.

Other expensive aesthetic optionals for luxury cars are offered by Rolls Royce, in which, for about 13 thousand euros more, you can have the Starlight Roof, an optical fiber panel for the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupè, which allows you to have a small starry sky in your car.

The optionals are a real delight for customers of high-end cars because they represent the possibility reserved for them to bow a product that in itself can be defined as a valuable icon.

So that it can be shaped even more according to one’s personality.

The luxury options on expensive cars significantly increase the turnover of the various car manufacturers, especially in times of crisis. And that is why at times when fewer cars are sold, accessories have contributed to the revival of the luxury sector.


Luxury car. A measure of well-being
Accessories allow to tailor a car, just like a tailored suit.


It is also thanks to the designers who have chosen to invest in tools, materials, equipment aimed at skimming the market, thus ensuring the possibility of reaching any spending capacity of potential customers.

Accessories allow to tailor a car, just like a tailored suit. And this is even more true in the luxury sector, where a car body color can affect as much as the purchase of a compact SUV.


Taxes for luxury car: what super tax is and who must pay it

For many years now, the tax on luxury cars has increased significantly.

For over ten years, exactly in 2011, the so-called "super car tax" has been introduced. Tax that applies to luxury cars, more precisely to those over a certain engine capacity.

The payment of the super car tax was established with decree no. 201 of 6 December 2011.

All cars require the payment of the car tax. But there are cars, and there are not a few, which are also subject to the super tax, the possession surcharge that still continues to weigh on the pockets of collectors.

This is a tax measure that is added to other costs that are quite heavy for this category of cars, such as insurance, for example.

In summary, the luxury car tax, as it is currently structured, provides for an increase of twenty euros for each kilowatt of power that exceeds the limit of 185.

However, it should be remembered that this increase decreases with the inevitable aging of the car.

The problem is that in order not to pay the "super car tax" more than twenty years must pass, in some cases twenty-five depending on the country and region of residence of the driver.


Super stamp for luxury
There are cars that are subject to the super car tax. The ownership surcharge that is applied to luxury cars.


To get a precise calculation of the super car tax you need to have some information:

  • Car license plate
  • Region of residence
  • Reference year of the super stamp
  • Date of expiry of the car tax
  • Months of validity
  • Reduction due to the age of the car

Data in hand, you need to connect to the Revenue Agency website, find the specific link to the car tax and fill out the super car tax form F24 to make the payment.

This is a rather high tax, which has, in fact, limited the expansion of the market for sports cars, SUVs and luxury cars. In fact, in recent years the trade associations have asked for its repeal several times. Last month there was yet another attempt to eliminate the super tax, through an amendment to the Budget Law, which was subsequently rejected. Therefore, the surcharge will also have to be paid in 2022.



When you think of a luxury car or SUV, a series of images immediately come to mind, symbols of four-wheeled luxury. But what characterizes a luxury car?

The characteristics of a luxury car:

  • Limited production
  • High customization
  • Handcrafted care
  • Uniqueness of the product
  • Refined interiors
  • Excellent materials
  • Absolute quality

So, what makes a car a symbol of luxury?

Like any good, even a sedan or a luxury SUV can turn into a symbol, a timeless icon with an irresistible charme.


Quality and Design as a status symbol
The quality and style of a luxury car contribute to represent a status symbol.


This happens when a model is perceived as unique in quality and style and when it can represent a status symbol. In other words, when its exclusivity makes it an effective tool for communicating oneself, one's character, one's charisma.


How do car manufacturers create a luxury car?

Each model is made to become a means that speaks of the customer, his character, his desire for freedom and his taste. They are cars of absolute value for those looking for the highest quality.

For this purpose, every detail plays a decisive role.

The exterior design, the manufacturing, the precious materials and the great attention to detail characterize each car, making its absolute exclusivity evident at first glance.

The search for a means of absolute accuracy, in design and style, is a global desire, without distinction of ethnicity, religion or cultural model.

When it comes to luxury, ideas are clear. It is the ordinary for extraordinary people and the extraordinary for ordinary people. It is the search for an emotion in owning a customized model, with a unique design, able to speak for its owner and become a symbol of one's personality.

Therefore, it is a unique product, as unique will be the sensations it arouses in driving.

Each car will not be just a luxury item, but a masterpiece of excellence created to amaze thanks to its special mix of craftsmanship.

And if cars designed to guarantee absolute performance are embellished with the “Made in Italy” style, then shaping bold and gritty design models will only be child's play.

A clear will, therefore, transpires at every official presentation. Redefine the concept of luxury car, so that it becomes synonymous with leadership and exclusivity through every detail.


Precious materials and obsessive attention to detail
Interior design and manufacturing, fine materials and obsessive attention to detail characterize every luxury car.



The global car market for luxury cars doesn’t seem to be affected by the crisis and continues its hyperbolic rise. Futuristic design lines, very powerful engines and exclusive finishes characterize what has become, for decades now, a real niche sector.

2021 has seen numerous models of luxury cars, here are some that are incredibly beautiful and comfortable to drive.

Range Rover

The current fourth generation of the Range Rover is as revolutionary as any other in automotive history. It has an aluminum monocoque frame and a tremendously luxurious program. Its commanding driving position, superlative luxury and a special and durable cabin make it our first choice. The seats are excellent and the driving position is superb, making it easy to drive despite its size. Land Rover's engine range still includes petrol options.

Porsche 911

It is the iconic model produced by the German brand, the best-selling ever. In 2013, the Porsche 911 celebrated 50 years of production. It is characterized by an unmistakable design, recognizable by anyone. Versatile, sporty and, at the same time, elegant and luxurious cabriolet. There are numerous sub-models of the car, among which the most famous is the “911 Carrera”.

Audi E-tron Quattro

The latest Audis are equipped with some of the most advanced frames, powertrains and onboard technologies in the luxury class. In the E-tron Quattro, the modern luxury of the Audi brand is accompanied by a cutting-edge on-board technology. An electric car, whose fast-charging potential ranges from 150kW, combined with a daily autonomy range of 200-250 miles with one charge, makes it the most luxurious electric car in the world.

Mercedes CLS

In its third model generation, the Mercedes CLS has always shown great suitability. The CLS has never looked more beautiful than in its first generation of trend models. The leather interior, full of technology, has never been so inviting. It offers space for the rear seats like that of a limousine. But in every respect, it is a luxury car that is worth taking seriously into account.


Luxury. Trend models
The Mercedes CLS has never looked so beautiful and is a candidate to represent a real trend model.


Jaguar F-Type

The V8 architecture of the Jaguar is the keeper of one of the most historic and fascinating legacies. In this extraordinary car, performance and sportiness take their place in the silent parenthesis of electric cars. The current Jaguar F-type range, still with its all-wheel drive today, is a product that restores an image of sportiness and elegance that does not betray the heritage of the brand.


On the road, the BMW X7 well handles its size and mass, feeling surprisingly precise and athletic when cornering. The car's diesel engine is also smooth and refined. The car handles its mass better than large luxury SUV rivals and is more intuitive to drive. With the oversized grille, some would call it ugly, but few would deny its completeness as a luxury car.

Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 offers generous space for four adults, and makes you feel as if you are lifted above the confusion of traffic below. It also offers versatility and ability to tackle anything else your daily routine may require. The comfort and sophistication are first class. SUV or not, the Audi Q8 is, undeniably, one of the best luxury vehicles that Audi produces at the moment.

Lexus LS

The Lexus LS has always been a niche choice, but its success has guaranteed this latest version a seat at the table of top sedans. It has had a major stylistic overhaul and the interior is both modern and luxurious in a pleasantly unconventional way. There are four trim levels, the highest of which comes with a lot of equipment and, depending on spec, even a rare kind of material richness that few cars in the world can match.

Maserati Quattroporte

Last but not least, in the luxury segment we mention a car with an exotic soul and desirability rooted in the prestige of the brand. Despite its age, the Maserati Quattroporte offers charismatic sensations and a space in the passenger compartment that makes it unique. Having been more midsize in its previous generation, it is now completely limo-sized.



Shipping a car to Italy or abroad is a necessity that many people have to face when buying or selling cars.


Trasauto Logistics for luxury cars
We offer customized services for the transport of the best sport, luxury, vintage and collector cars.


Or, it becomes necessary in the event of a trip or mechanical failure.

But not everyone knows the procedures to follow for the transport and the costs to be incurred.

Trasauto Logistica has specialized, for over 40 years, in the business of vehicle transport, especially cars, trucks, heavy vehicles, luxury, prestige, vintage cars and supercars.

We offer tailored services in Italy and Europe that include the transport of the best sports and luxury cars, vintage and collectible, SUVs, registered or unregistered sports cars.

Transport takes place with the greatest discretion, safety and cost efficiency, always ensuring the most convenient solution.

We handle sea or air travel and deliver your vehicle to the agreed and planned port or airport stopover. So that the car of your dreams is always with you.

We provide all authorizations for travel and access, our logistics staff are experts in administering and planning each individual transfer.

Our trained and experienced team of drivers operates in a discreet and confidential way, taking care of every detail and following the transport of the car at every stage, from the visual inspection of the vehicle, prior to taking charge, to satellite monitoring during all the way up to delivery.

Professionalism and accuracy to ensure that your cars arrive at their destination on time and in the conditions in which they were loaded.

The main feature of our vehicles is the exclusive set-up that is studied, developed and prepared to ensure safe, dedicated transport aimed at protecting each good from any possible risk during the transfer.

In addition, all trailers are armored and equipped with cameras and GPS.


Costs and regulations for luxury car with Trasauto Logistica experts

But how much does the transport of a luxury car cost? It depends on many factors.

The three main ones are the advance with which the transport is planned, the delivery times and the distance to be covered.


Delivery times and distances. The essential parameters
The cost of a transport depends on when it is scheduled, the delivery times and the distance to be covered


Compared to other possibilities, car transport with a car transporter (and, in general, road transport) offers several advantages:

  • Economic: given the different rates applied by the various operators, this option for the transport of cars has lower costs than boarding the vehicle on a ship or plane;
  • Logistics: by choosing transport by ship or by air, however, it is not possible to choose where to deliver and collect the car, but you will have to take care of the transfer to and from the nearest port or airport, adapting to the timetables of the sea routes and flight;
  • Practical: car transport with car transporters is a very flexible solution because it allows the operator to reach the collection and delivery point immediately, within a time frame indicated by the customer, with all the consequent advantages.

Basically, if you contact the company last minute for an urgency and an important mileage, the cost is bound to be more expensive. The quantification of costs, on the other hand, will be significantly lower if, both for distances and for delivery, everything is planned well in advance. Time that will be solely used for the rationalization of costs.

Car shipment satisfies the needs of both individuals and companies, ensuring safety, convenience and speed.

If you don't know where to start to find information about the transport of your luxury car, fill in the contact form and ask for a free quote!


For personalized assistance, you can call our offices in Italy at: +39 (0) 828 1818150

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