Our car transport services

For more than 30 years, Trasauto Logistica has specialized in the transport of cars. 

Moreover our company is specialized in both national and international transport. Ours advantages ? Competitive prices, professionalism and experience for all types of transport: cars, heavy vehicles, boats or damaged vehicles. We respond to your needs by providing logistical support and tailor-made insurance during all phases of transport, from the pick-up to the delivery. Discover our services and ask for a free quote

Transport car

Car transport

We fulfill pickups and deliveries of a single vehicle and we guarantee time and cost savings, for your full satisfaction. We have different sort of trucks, suited to single or group transports, particularly appreciated by dealers and car rentals.

heavy transport

Heavy vehicle transport

We always try to meet our customer needs. That is why for several years we have proposed a specific transport service for heavy vehicles: buses, caravans, tractors.

Damaged car transport

Trasauto Logistica provides an excellent service for the pick up of your non-running car. Thanks to the employment of appropriate tools and to the professionalism of our carriers, we are able to guarantee you a safe and quick transport.

Collection car transport

Luxury car transport

Thanks to our covered vehicles, we are able to transport your classic and vintage cars, and your luxury vehicles in a safe and discreet way. Our clients are car manufacturers, individuals, collectors, museums, fairs and exhibitors.

Boat transport -trasauto

Boat transport

Our professionalism and our big truck fleet let us to provide a tailored service. We transport your boat. We transfer your boat to your holiday destinations or during your relocation.

transport agriculture machines

Agriculture machines transport

Are you looking for a transport of agricultural equipment and/or vehicle? Trasauto Logistica provides a specific service addressed to farms, producers and dealers of agricultural equipments and vehicles. We transfer your goods safely.

International Transport

International Transport

Entrust the transport of your vehicle to our experts and professionals. We manage vehicle transfer all over Europe (France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Portuga, as well as many other destinations in Europe).

transport of cars

Intercontinental transport

We ensure a safe and secure transfer of your vehicle. Our strength? We guarantee a complete service, an administrative management and an insurance cover through all the phases of the transport until the delivery.


Looking for an expert to transport your car? Would you like to know the average cost to transport a car? Trasauto Logistica takes care of the shipment of your vehicle. Send us a detailed request with the place of collection and delivery of the vehicle and the conditions for the vehicle to be transported. You will receive a tailor-made quote and support from our logistics department for all the paperwork and transport insurance.

We carry out transportation both for individuals and professionals in the automotive sector. Our objective ? Ensure a fast, safe and professional transportation.