We fulfill pickups and deliveries of a single vehicle and we guarantee time and cost savings, for your full satisfaction. We have different sort of trucks, suited to single or group transports, particularly appreciated by dealers and car rentals.



If you’ve ever purchased a vehicle and have needed it delivered, you’ve likely run into some common hurdles. Moving a vehicle involves a great deal of coordination and planning, and can sometimes become more costly than expected. When planning a vehicle transport, it can feel like something of a gamble to decide on the right car transporter. Is this person reliable? Have they done this before?

Road transport is one of the most flexible and practical method of transport among the different methods of vehicle transport: the vehicle collection and delivery could be adapted to the client needs and the shipping is done with great precision and punctuality. Different types of vehicles can be shipped thanks to this method: cars, buses, caravans, helicopters. For this reason, road transport is a widespread method of transport, widely appreciated among both privates and corporates.

Trasauto Logistica has been offering its services from over 40 years to both individuals and businesses of the vehicle sector such as car manufacturers and dealers.   

Our company provides a high quality transport service: low-cost, efficient and fast. We assure you a monitoring and report during the transfer. We can reach all locations in Italy and Europe and we offer a professional transport, tailored to your needs. We serve both companies and private individuals.






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