Trasauto offers an excellent serrvice  for the collection of damaged cars. Thanks to tools suitable for loading and unloading these vehicles and to the professionalism of our transporters, we guarantee you the utmost care and safety for moving your damaged vehicle.



A non-running car, also known as an inoperable vehicle, is any automobile that has a mechanical issue, needs a repair, or cannot be driven safely. The car may have become damaged because of a collision. On the other hand, it may just be a classic vehicle in need of some maintenance to bring it back to life.

The vehicle may not start. It may not even roll because of no wheels. Mechanical issues or electrical problems could have resulted from the collision. It could happen to find yourself with a stalled car. Nevertheless, there are means of transporting the automobile to its destination in a secure manner. Moving a car in that conditions is quite delicate and complex. It is better to entrust your car to experts to avoid to make things worse.

Non-running vehicles and damaged cars can be difficult to transport, as not everyone in the car shipping industry is capable of or up to the task. The shipment of these automobiles require time, energy, and special equipment. It is crucial to hire a company with knowledgeable and experienced staff.

With Trasauto Logistica, nothing is left to chance: we operate as quickly as possible and we will assure you the greatest attention and care during loading and unloading operations.  Removing a damaged car is not an easy thing to do, the risk to make the situation worse is significantly elevate, such as a wrong operation or a insecure mooring.

Trasauto Logistica counts on professional drivers, experts, in this kind of operations. We are able to repatriate your car in different European destinations such as France, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom.






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