May 02, 2023

Car transporter rental is the fastest and cheapest solution for shipping vehicles in Italy or abroad.

In our article dedicated to transport with car transporter, we have provided a broad overview of the topic. Specifically, we have covered the stages in the history of this road giant, born in the early years of the twentieth century and today a true trump card for car transport professionals.

Taking stock of all the benefits associated with the service then allowed us to conclude that relying on a specialized company is truly the ideal solution for shipping cars and other vehicles.

If on that occasion we convinced you, today we take a step forward. If you are still in doubt, we hope there is still time to change your mind.


Shipping vehicles in Italy or abroad
Car transporter rental is the cheapest solution for shipping vehicles in Italy or abroad.


Today, in fact, we are talking about the practical steps to take advantage of the car transporter rental. Like the service itself, the operation is really easy and fast. We will start from the importance of a preliminary investigation of the reference market, and then carry out an excursus on the details relating to the request for a quote, costs included.

Once the operational steps for choosing the company have been outlined, we will provide guidelines for the preparation of the vehicle by the customer. Finally, we will focus on the burdens of professionals in the sector, which include document management and the practice of securing the load.

From its history we learned that today 'car transporter' is also the name of the specific railway wagon for the transport of motor vehicles. However, following the suspension of the vehicle transport service by train, the first step to take in order to rent a car transporter is to contact a company that offers road vehicle transport among its services. Where to start?




Preliminary investigation: which company to choose and according to which criteria

According to the data presented in the TIR magazine, as of 31 December 2020, there are 98070 road haulage companies in Italy. Although several were closed between 2014 and 2019, those that remained on the market experienced growth in turnover. To date, these companies have at their disposal a number of vehicles between 2 and 100 (the limit has even been exceeded in 832 companies).

The picture presented clearly shows that the road haulage market in Italy is quite varied. For clients, this means that:

  • there is a wide range of services and companies to choose from;
  • it is possible that not all companies offer the requested service;
  • companies are different for various factors, which must be evaluated.

It is therefore necessary to start a skimming process. At this stage, it might help:

  • carry out an in-depth web search. For several years now, search engines and the web in general have been the main showcase for the work of individuals and companies. For this reason, typing in the keywords relating to a certain service (such as car transporter rental) will certainly lead to a list of companies that deal with it. And, therefore, of companies to which it is potentially useful to contact if you need to request, specifically, transport with a car transporter;
  • obtain information from those who have already used the service. The advent of the Internet has not, however, diminished the power of word of mouth. Having a website is beneficial, as is having someone who talks about it well. The direct experience of friends or relatives who have already had contact with a certain company can, in this sense, be of great support in choosing.

Researching the web and talking to those who can already provide feedback can therefore be useful in obtaining an initial list of potential companies from which to request a car transporter rental service.


Getting car transporter rental information from the web
On the web, typing the keywords "car transporter rental" will lead to a list of companies that deal with it.


At this point, there are essentially three aspects to consider in order to make an even more accurate selection:

  • the geographical area in which the company operates. It is important to find out about the slices of territory covered and about the possible extension of the service abroad, whether it is a national or international shipment. In fact, some areas may not be reachable by car transporters for various reasons. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to verify that the chosen collection and delivery locations fall within the area served by a certain company;
  • the actual availability of the service. It is possible that, for a shorter or longer period of time, a company decides to temporarily suspend travel (due to maintenance needs, lack of personnel, etc.). For this reason, it is advisable to ensure that the announced availability is, at that moment, effective;
  • the amount of budget you are willing to commit. As they differ in size, quality of service and turnover, transport companies also differ in price ranges. It is advisable, therefore, to take into account those in which the companies found are located, so as to opt for the one most suitable for the estimated budget.

In some cases, transport company websites include a price list. Consulting it can be useful to get an idea of the expense that would involve relying on a certain company. On the other hand, the most effective way to find out if the service offered is compatible with the budget available to the customer is to request a quote.

Let's see, in detail, the characteristics of the step following the survey of the reference market.


How much does it cost to rent a car transporter? How to request a quote

According to statistics, the price of a car transporter rental is usually up to 70% lower than that of other solutions.


The car transporter can carry up to ten vehicles
The car transporter can carry up to ten vehicles. Making it travel fully loaded is ecological and cheap.


There are, however, factors that more than others influence it. To talk about it, it is advisable to examine, in all its parts, a request for a quote. This, in addition to the client's personal data, in most cases includes:

  • the number of vehicles to be transported. The car transporter can currently carry up to ten vehicles. Making it travel fully loaded is ecological and cheap: in fact, declaring one's willingness to use group transport translates into a reduction in emissions and transport costs. If, in the case of large dealerships, the multiple transfer is routine, the same constitutes, for individuals and companies that need the transport of a single vehicle, a less impactful alternative (on the environment and on the wallet!);
  • the conditions of the load. It is important, at the time of the request, to inform the company of the conditions of the vehicle to be transported. In fact, damaged or non-running cars require a series of precautions for which it is necessary to organize well in advance. It is also possible that the cost of the service is, in these cases, slightly higher;
  • the model and brand of the vehicle. Like the conditions, these could affect the final price of the transport. Luxury cars and supercars require, in some specific circumstances, extra activities which, as such, correspond to an additional expense. This increases significantly if the vehicle to be transferred is large, therefore in cases of exceptional transport;
  • the collection and delivery addresses. Unlike the aforementioned rail transport, road transport is not strictly linked to particular pick-up and delivery locations (such as stations). However, the choice of these has a certain weight both from an organizational and an economic point of view. The distance between the two places certainly has an impact, but also the kilometers that separate them from the highways, usually considered the most “comfortable” routes for hauliers. To these factors must be added, if the transport is international, the cost entailed by any customs duties;
  • Timing information. In the case of transport with a car transporter, the key to saving lies in the flexibility of the dates. If ticked in the request for an estimate, this condition reduces the purchaser's expense and expands the organization margins of the company which, without particular constraints, is authorized to combine several transport requests;
  • a space for any additional information. It is always advisable to use it to communicate to the company any other detail deemed important (and potentially influential on the final price!).


Shipping luxury cars or supercars is more expensive
The final price of a car transporter rental depends, first of all, on the number of vehicles to be transported.


The final price of a car transporter rental therefore depends on the number of vehicles to be transported, their model, brand and condition. Added to this are the location of the collection and delivery locations and, finally, the flexibility of the days on which to carry out the transport.

The cost of national transport ranges from a minimum of a few hundred euros to a maximum that can reach a thousand, if the requested service is particularly demanding. Figures that increase drastically if the destination is across the border, and which in some cases exceed 5000 euros.

Once a solution has been agreed that meets the customer's needs and allows the company to organize itself in the best possible way, all that remains is to prepare the vehicle for transport, manage the documentation, secure the load and leave.

Of all the activities subsequent to the request for an estimate, only the first is one of the customer's duties. Let's see it in detail.




The customer's task: to prepare the vehicle for transport

To minimize a series of risks associated with car transport, the chosen company will certainly take care to provide the client with all the information relating to the preparation of the vehicle.

Most likely, the company will recommend:

  • to pay attention to the weight of the car and its cleanliness. For safe and smooth transport, it is essential that the transported car is not excessively heavy. It is, therefore, a good idea to remove bulky objects, even more so if they are of value. Emptying the side drawers, the dashboard and the glove compartment is also a guarantee with respect to the carrier's exemption from liability for any loss of personal effects. In the same way, it is washing the vehicle, so that any damage suffered during transport can emerge more clearly;
  • to draw up a list of problems that already exist. This operation also serves to protect the customer in the event of damage. Specifically, having a list of pre-existing critical issues ready helps to quickly identify any post-transport anomalies. This applies both to the mechanical component and to the aesthetic one;
  • to monitor the fuel level. Several companies suggest emptying the tank, or at least keeping the fuel level to a minimum. In the latter case, when the car reaches its destination, it is advisable to make sure that the quantity of fuel is equal to that recorded before departure. In general, also avoiding filling up is useful for not making the load heavier
  • to charge the battery. Together with tire inflation pressure monitoring, battery charge level monitoring ensures that the car is still usable once the destination is reached.


Prepare the vehicle for transport
Ensuring the battery charge level will ensure the use of the car once the destination is reached.


Finally, for what concerns the vehicle registration document and the insurance coupon, companies usually recommend leaving a copy in the car. It is advisable, in fact, to keep the originals with you at the time of delivery.

This is exactly where the customer's tasks end. Therefore, those of the professionals remain to be examined.


The commitment of professionals: document management and load securing

The companies that offer a car transporter rental service make the administrative and haulier skills available to the client.

Therefore, the customer does not need to take care of:

  • document management. The hauliers are, by law, provided with insurance and with all the necessary permits to carry out the service they offer. More generally, it is the transport company that takes care of all the bureaucracy related to the shipment, so as to guarantee its correct execution from all points of view;
  • load securing. Since 2018, Directive 2014/47/EU has made operational the controls of the correct arrangement of loads on vehicles circulating on the road. For this reason, and to reduce the risks associated with swinging or slipping, the load must be secured by an expert hand. The means of transport used by the companies are all equipped with an anchoring system, which allows the vehicles transported to be secured to the loading platform (which, depending on the car transporter model, can be single or double). The operation must also be carried out in compliance with the manufacturer's provisions regarding the position of the ramps and maneuverable platforms (for example, it is important that the load is distributed vertically). Finally, the definitive fixation of the vehicles is obtained through a combination of friction, blocking and anchoring: operations of which, in all likelihood, non-experts are completely unaware of.


Load securing in car transporter rental
To reduce the risks associated with swinging or slipping, the load must be secured by experienced personnel.


Once the documents and cargo have been arranged, all that remains is to leave.

If your journey begins with a web search and if the chosen words are car transporter rental, it is very probable that the Trasauto Logistica website will appear among the first results.




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