Oct 16, 2020

Follow our tips to benefit from a completely safe car transport. 

It is really important to carefully choose a car transport company. We are here to give you advice and tips on the different criteria to consider in order to choose a trustworthy transport company.


The best value for money


If you are currently looking for a car transport service, it is because you want to know price and conditions of the transport. In fact, there are different companies in the car transport market, which often make the research very difficult. Who to rely on for the transport of your car? Which company offers you the best value for money?

We suggest to always make a request for a customized quote, by providing the details of your transport. This will help the transport company to offer a tailor-made service and to better evaluate the best conditions for your transport. With this article we intend to provide you with the tips for having the quote at the best price.

  • Our first recommendation is to make a list of the conditions of your transport. This is very important because the characteristics of the transport determine the price of your quote. Indicate the model, the conditions of your vehicle and the place of transport, as well as transport and/or delivery times.
  • Advance. Obviously, fixed and inflexible dates can affect the cost of the transport. Flexibility of the date can have a considerable influence on the price of the transport. If your transport is not urgent, you can choose a groupage transport and therefore reduce the transport costs.
  • Choose experienced companies. We recommend that you rely on companies with experience in all types of transport, nationally and internationally, because they will guarantee you transport insurance and professional transport in the best conditions.
  • Request different quotes. Making multiple quotes does not always mean choosing the cheapest one. Try to examine the transport conditions. What does a company offer compared to another? In the end you choose the one with the best value for money according to your needs.
  • Request administrative follow-up. This is very important especially when transporting vehicles abroad. Ask for support for all declarations of transport, insurance, status of your vehicle before and after its delivery. This will allow you to get support from your transport company.

What are the costs if I decide to transport my car myself?

Many people think that entrusting the transport of their car to a company can have high costs. Is this really the case? Actually, if you decide to transport your own car, the costs can be very high. Just think about fuel, tolls, vehicle transporter rental etc… the costs are high. So often it is more convenient to rely on a transport service in order to avoid stress and have the best solution.





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