We ensure a safe and secure transfer of your vehicle. Our strength? We guarantee a complete service, an administrative management and an insurance cover through all the phases of the transport until the delivery.



For reliable and professional intercontinental car shipping services only the best will do when looking to ship a vehicle abroad safely. Our professional services and great prices makes us the more affordable choice to ship any type of vehicle on budget. 

Trasauto transport service knows no boundaries. We transfer your vehicle all over the world and we commit ourselves to do it as quickly as possible. We propose a professional, fast and reliable service at a competitive price.

Our goal? Assure you a tailored solution to meet all your requests, all over the world. We are able to transfer different type of vehicles and heavy good vehicles. Our logistic department will take care of all the bureaucratic formalities related to an international transport.  

Several routes have been covered during the late 30 years: Nigeria, Chile, Mexico, United States.

Route transport is a perfect solution to transfer your vehicle abroad, thanks to an extremely satisfactory quality-price index. Different elements impact the service price, first of all, the length path together with type and the conditions of the vehicle that has to be transported.  

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