Are you looking for a transport of agricultural equipment and/or vehicle? Trasauto Logistica provides a specific service addressed to farms, producers and dealers of agricultural equipments and vehicles. We transfer your goods safely.



Our transport fleet can transfer many type of agriculture and zootechnical vehicle, such as harvesters, tractors, silo, tanks, biomass and agricultural plants, etc. Our trucks are made for this. We only use the newest technology which is built to keep secure and endure the long hauls of shipping tractors and heavy machinery. Tractors are very big investments, and we take transport safety very seriously. Our drivers are thoroughly trained and certified to deal with heavy equipment.

Our logistic service takes care of all the different steps of the transport. Our goal? Assure you a high quality service. Our agents know heavy machinery. Tractor transport hosts a team of experienced, knowledgeable shipping representatives. We'll make your experience seamless. We take care of all paperwork, permitting, pick up/ drop off, and dispatch. We are proud to be nationally and internationally recognised for the highest levels of our customer service and professional support. The needs of our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

We transfer with extreme caution and professionalism agricultural vehicles and équipements. We work together with manufacturers of agricultural equipments as well as with farms and little agricultural companies. Several elements have an impact on the cost of the transport; the most important elements are the dimension and weight of the vehicle as well as the length of the path. Ask for a free quote!






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