Thanks to our covered vehicles, we are able to transport your classic and vintage cars, and your luxury vehicles in a safe and discreet way. Our clients are car manufacturers, individuals, collectors, museums, fairs and exhibitors.



Trasauto Logistica takes care of your luxury car. Classic cars, vintage cars, supercars: our team of experts works in a professional, careful and safe way, by paying attention to every details to assure you a complete service from the pick up to the delivery of the vehicle. In order to guarantee the maximum security and confidentiality to the transport of your car, we employ enclosed vehicles equipped with anti-theft trackers. The service can be personalized and it can include grouped shipments.

Furthermore, upon request, it is possible to arrange delivery services. Whether it is a supercar, a classical car or a supercar that has to be transported, we will respond to all your requests and needs.  

Our carriers are all professionals, with a long and strong experience in vehicles loading and unloading and in luxury cars transfer. They all are entered on the transporters register. All our transfers include an insurance cover.

Private individuals choose our services (people that have bought a second-hand car online) as well as professionals in/of the car sector, like car manufacturers and dealers.






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