Heavy vehicle transport

We always try to meet our customer needs. That is why for several years we have proposed a specific transport service for heavy vehicles: buses, caravans, tractors.

Trasauto Logistica is specialized in heavy vehicle transport. Our experience in the vehicle shipping industry has equipped us with the know-how’s to efficiently transport any oversized vehicles. We’ve handled numerous of oversized vehicle transport ranging from small vans, modified or lifted trucks, military vehicles, food truck transport and all the way up to RV transport commercial buses and haul heavy equipment. Simply put, if you’re in need of shipping large autos, we’re the company capable and able of getting it done.

We guarantee you a complete service from the reservation to the delivery, through the organization and planning of the vehicle transport. Entrust our highly specialized service, we will care for all the stages of the transport.

  • Marketing and logistics

  • Customer service

  • Transport analysis and feasibility

  • Speed service

  • Reliability with certified transporters

  • Price transparency

  • Insurance coverage during the transport

Many companies have chosen our transport solutions for the transfer of their machineries. Many farmers, for exemple, ask for our services to transfer new equipements. Our strength? A competitive price and a service tailored on our customers needs. Thanks to our logistic department, we manage all the different administrative formalities, custom declaration included, in the case of an international or intercontinental transport. Nothing is left to chance with Trasauto Logistica.