Oct 03, 2018

You need to transport your vehicle from a city to another, in Italy or abroad, and you’re wondering which method is the most suitable for your vehicle and who to contact. 

There are several transport methods available on the market in terms of road transport. Among the most used we find transport with private driver and transport by car transporter. If the first method can be easily applied to cases of single cars transport, the second one is undoubtedly more versatile. 

Car transporters in fact allows to move many cars at the same time. Moreover, this method allows to quickly move slow-moving or non-running vehicles, such as vintage cars, boats, helicopters and agricultural machinery. How to choose among the many companies that offer vehicle transport service through car transporters?


The advantages of car transport with Trasauto Logistica


Choose Trasauto Logistica

Trasauto Logistica has been operating in the vehicle transport sector with car transporters. The car transporter, also known as “stork”, allows vehicles to be moved quickly and safely, adapting the transport to the needs of the customer: in fact, it is possible to determine the pick-up and storage of the vehicle.


Who can use our car transport services?

Everyone. We do offer our services to professionals, especially from the automotive sector such as car manufacturers and dealerships, but also to non-professionals. In fact, there are many private customers who rely on us for the transfer of their boats and caravans during the summer holidays, or for the transport of vehicles when buying or selling online second-hand cars.


What types of vehicles do we transport?

Trasauto Logistica can ensure the transfer of different types of vehicles. Over the years we have expanded our fleet and diversified our range of transport services. Here below a list of some of our services.

  • Transport of luxury cars and vintage cars: we take care of your valuable cars (vintage, collector’s cars, supercars). Our vehicles are covered and equipped with anti-theft satellite to ensure a safe and discreet transport.
  • Transport of heavy equipment: our fleet can ship medium and large vehicles, such as caravans, buses and trucks).
  • Transport of agricultural machinery: we rapidly transport agricultural material and vehicles, and livestock installations.
  • Transport of boats: we move different types of boats (such as sailing and motorboats, and small yachts) to and from different Italian and European cities.

To see the complete list of our services, click here.


Where do we operate?

Trasauto Logistica operates throughout the Italian territory. Thanks to a large vehicle fleet and an experienced and professional staff, we can ensure international and intercontinental transports. We are active throughout Europe, and we can reach destinations in other continents as well. Furthermore, our service includes the management of the bureaucratic paperwork related to the transport.

If you are looking for a company that takes care of the transport of your vehicle, do not hesitate to ask us for a free quote.





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