Jul 14, 2019

There are several car transport services on the market both on the national and international level. But how to choose the most competitive car transport without having to renounce to a professional and high-quality service?


The cheapest transport solution


Car transport by train or by car transporter?

In the past, car transport was mostly carried out by train with the so-called “caravels”. But times have changed, and this type of transport has been replaced by car transporters.

But let’s try to understand what the differences between these two types of transports are and obviously the advantages and disadvantages. The cost of the car transport by train was in the past calculated based on the route to be traveled, on the number of vehicles to be transported and the models. This cost was established by Trenitalia, major player in the vehicle transport. The costs for a Milan – Palermo route, for example, were relatively moderate, as the transport by train had lower consumption and pick-up/delivery times were faster and there was no need to deal with traffic and slowdowns during the transport stage.

One of the limits of this type of transport was the choice of the pick-up or delivery place, very limited and often dictated by Trenitalia group. There are other countries, such as Spain and France, where the possibility of transporting cars by train still exists today, thanks to the service offered by groups such as “Ouisncf”.

Nowadays in Italy the best replacement solution with a low cost is represented by car transporters.


Transport with car transporter: the advantages

The truck transport market is becoming more and more competitive, as it has to face an increasingly growing demand from both professionals, who have to respond to the needs of ever faster delivery and production in great volumes. Also private customers rely on car transport service in order to move their car from one destination to another both on the national and the international level.

There are many companies that offer online quotes or comparators for transport with car transporters which can propose the best price or a customized quote. Trasauto Logistica offers a professional solution which combines the best price with a tailor-made service.

Our strenght? Trasauto Logistica, has been operating for thirty years in the car transport sector with car transporters, to support both private and professional customers in the transport of their vehicles throughout Italy and Europe, thanks to a wide range of car transporters for different types of transport: agricultural machinery and heavy vehicles, boats and helicopters at an unbeatable price on the market.

Request now your free quote on Trasauto.com and transport your vehicle with safety and professionalism.





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