Sep 24, 2018

What's the best solution for transporting a vehicle abroad? 

That's the question we ask for when we have to transported our car abroad. 

Numerous are the conditions for whom we need a vehicle transport service, for instance purchase, exhibitions, fairs, moving. As consequence, there's a lot of factors you may consider for a car transport, such as the route, the type of vehicle and its status.

Sometimes we are obliged to leave our city and move into another one because of work, love or study. Once the moving has been set up, our thoughts go to our own car. How much would a car transport cost? Which are the best conditions? It may be better selling it and purchasing a new one on the spot. This phase could be very difficult to manage because of stress and organisation. So, how can you do? What are the right procedure to follow?


The transport of a car abroad with Trasauto Logistica


Trasauto Logistica offers a complete service for transporting your vehicle abroad

Trasauto Logistica realizes car transport at all levels, both international and worldwide, thanks to a specialised fleet of car transporters. Most importantly, 40 years of expertise in vehicle transport at your service in order to satisfy all your needs and to make this phase as simple as possible. Certainly, all cars to-be-transported must have all regular papers, in order to manage car logistics in a simpler and faster way, for a safe transport without any complications.

Our company is composed by a professional team specialised in any kind of transport, no matter what any route or type of vehicles.

Before the shipment, every car must have "all the credentials". Consequently, it means that each vehicle must have a registered license plate, insurance and technical inspection by law.

Our transport service is able to cover any type of route, both at international and worldwide. We offer a complete service, starting from the loading to the unloading of the vehicle. Thanks to our Logistics team we are able to go with our customers during administrative phase, customs clearence, necessary documentation for expatriation and insurance.

To sum up, our mission is to make this phase of transport the calmest as possible for the customer.





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