Oct 03, 2018

Transporting a car is not only a need for companies, professionals, and dealerships, but also for individuals.

We are a company specialized in car transport service for over 40 years on many fronts, both national and international and on different routes with the possibility to transport a wide range of vehicles.

This transport method represents an effective, fast, and convenient solution for transporting any type of vehicle for both companies and individuals. Agricultural vehicles, boats, and heavy vehicles. Trasauto ensures a professional service to meet your needs, whether you are a professional or a private individual.


The transport of cars on car transporters


Car transport sector is constantly changing, there are different types of transport, even though in Europe truck transport is still the most used solution, as it offers a great value for money. In the past this service was closely linked to transport companies and dealerships or professionals in the sector. This is because in the mind of the private users, truck transport is exclusive to fully loaded transport, ensured only for a large number of cars.

But the market has changed, as well as customers’ needs. At Trasauto, we support our customers for their individual car transport, to ensure a customized, safe, and highly professional transport.

This market is currently adapting to meet individuals’ needs. Our transport services with car transporters allow individuals to avoid long procedures aimed at the transfer of a vehicle. For example, bureaucratic and linguistic barriers - in the case of a transport abroad - and taking the risk associated with any damage that may be caused in the loading or unloading phase, are the most delicate phases that require great professionalism.

Our car transport services ensure a highly professional transport and the logistics management to guarantee you an excellent service, with an insurance coverage, documentation management and assistance throughout all the transport stages up to delivery.

So, if you are a private and want to move and transport your car, or have a car delivered to your home, or your boat to your holiday destination, do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made quote. Rely on professionals of car transport.





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