Apr 08, 2020

Are you looking for a solution for the transport of your car? Discover how to best organize and benefit from transport in total safety and professionalism.


Conditions of transport for cars with car transporters


How to best organize your car transport?

Nowadays, car transport has become an ever-increasing need and a necessity. Whether individuals or professionals, several people rely on transport companies to ship their cars from one destination to another.

Transport with car transporters is the cheapest and most practical solution used by private customers who wish to have their car transported both nationally and internationally. Generally, this service is used by people who bought their car abroad and want to receive it at home, instead of going abroad to pick up their car.

Regarding professionals, such as car producers or dealerships, this kind of service allows them to ship a greater number of cars in a faster and cheaper way, and with a complete logistic management.


What are the necessary criteria to take charge of the transport of your car?

Are there any rules to follow before shipping your car? Each car transport company has its own procedures, which it informs its customers about and which they must comply with before any type of transport.

  • We suggest our customers not to fill up the vehicle with petrol, it is preferable to transport a car with an almost empty tank, both for weight reasons and for safety reasons in case of an accident during the transport phase.
  • Make a complete report of your vehicle. This phase is very important as it allows to get an idea of the vehicle’s conditions. A complete list of the details such as dents, scratches, technical problems, peculiarities, and details to consider. This report allows to detect any previous damage and any damage caused during the transport phase. These damages must be covered by car transport insurance, which is mandatory and essential for each transport.
  • Your vehicle must be insured. It is mandatory that your car is covered by insurance to be transported.
  • Make sure you correctly communicated to the car transport company if your car is marching or crashed. This is fundamental both in the quote request stage and in the transport stage. In the latter, this information is fundamental as, in case of damaged car, it is necessary to choose different material and transport techniques that require high professionalism and accurate manoeuvres.
  • Moreover, an important step to best organize the car transport, is to agree with your company the pick-up and delivery place. These two aspects are essential, first because they are important criteria in the request for a quote, secondly because they allow professionals to better organize their car transport. It is essential to anticipate the manoeuvres and to know the place where the service will take place to confirm to the client that the latter is really suitable.

Currently, service with car transporter remains one of the most accessible solutions with an excellent value for money, to transport your car both in Italy and abroad.





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