Feb 24, 2021

Easy, fast and safe: a truly accurate description of the professional car transport service.

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to request it.

The presence of a car transporter, the vehicle normally used for the function, could, for example, be indispensable in the event of a rear-end collision. In fact, it is not uncommon for hauliers to be called upon to transfer damaged cars.

Or, again, if a departure is scheduled and you have no desire to leave your luxury car in the garage (or to drive!).


Professional car transport service.
There are many reasons for requesting a professional car transport service.


On the other hand, departures and accidents are, fortunately, not ordinary events. It is possible, therefore, that in times of need a certain disorientation takes over. Or, if the disorientation is too much, that the information contained in the following lines is useful to avoid it.

In the article, therefore, we will explain why the professional car transport service is easy, fast and safe. Specifically, we will provide 3 good reasons why requesting it is anything but difficult.

We will then investigate the factors that determine its rapidity, almost all in the hands of the client. Finally, we will highlight its safety through a quick comparison with the alternative solution and a brief excursus on the insurance instruments associated with the service.




It's easy: 3 good reasons to believe it

Until 2011, the easiest way was to delegate transport to Trenitalia. Following the suspension of the service, the only way to ship a vehicle is to entrust it to road haulage professionals (today the only alternative to autonomous transport).

The latter solution inherited simplicity from its ancestor. Today the car transport service is easy because:

  •  The process to request it is fully guided. The websites of the professionals who offer the service are, in fact, in most cases really user friendly. The quote request forms allow the user to communicate, in just a few clicks, all the information necessary for the organization of the transport. This will be useful, in the subsequent phases, to guarantee the client maximum support and to reduce risks and unforeseen events;
  • It is not necessary to be well informed about everything. A clear indication of the data relating to the vehicle, the places of collection and delivery and the times is, at the time of the request, absolutely sufficient. In fact, the professionals will make sure that everything goes well;
  • If something is wrong, it is most likely fixable. As often happens, easy is not synonymous with perfect. Also in this case, the unexpected is around the corner and can be more or less serious. The good news is that there will always be someone ready to fix them.


Car transport just a click away
The quote request forms allow you to communicate all the necessary information in just a few clicks.


Guided, fully delegated and failsafe procedure. The aspects just analyzed have a common denominator: the car transport service is easy because it is the professionalism of those who take care of it that make it so.

The client just has to benefit from it. And, in the estimate phase, actively support it by providing the necessary data so that the service is not only easy but also fast.


It's fast. And it is the customer who chooses how much

From a bureaucratic and practical point of view, each process has precise times to be respected. The car transport service is no exception.

On the one hand, preparing the vehicle for shipment requires a certain commitment on the part of those who commission its transport. On the other hand, the professionals themselves must be given time and the opportunity to organize everything down to the smallest detail.

And yet, for those requesting a quote, there are two ways to guarantee at least the conditions for rapid transport:

  • Communicate in advance the degree of urgency of the transport. The information will allow professionals to immediately report the effective availability of the service on the chosen dates. If so, short-term transport could, however, have a significant impact on costs. As a result, taking charge of a high priority shipment could guarantee speed, but could be very expensive. To hopefully reduce times at a low cost, the best solution remains the flexibility of collection and delivery days;
  • Opt for flexible dates. Except in cases where the car transport is absolutely urgent, not having specific preferences on dates can be useful to start the shipment at the first possible moment and to improve times. Normally, in fact, carriers exploit the absence of time constraints to optimize loads. In addition to making the most of the space available on the car transporter, saving on fuel and other service costs, group transport significantly reduces delivery times. In fact, transporting several cars at the same time allows you to group shipments and optimize routes, thus reducing the overall time required for the delivery of the cars.


fast and low-cost transport service
Not imposing specific date preferences can help you get a fast and low-cost transport.


If, therefore, it is true that every process has times to be respected and that the car transport service is no exception, speed remains a factor that can be influenced in part.

It would, however, be wrong to think that this comes at the expense of safety.




It's not “do-it-yourself” 

As partially anticipated, at the moment the only alternative to a professional car transport service is car transport with a trolley, which can be organized by anyone independently.

Together with timing, distance and costs, in our article dedicated to luxury car transport we have included safety among the points normally considered in evaluating the best transport option.

On that occasion, we recalled that what makes professional transport definitely safer than “do-it-yourself” are:

  • the familiarity of the operators with the loading and unloading operations and with that of securing the vehicles;
  •  their excellent knowledge of the legislation;
  • the professional management of the documents necessary for the transport.

This is also valid when a small car or any other type of vehicle is being sent. The high level of protection guaranteed by car transporters must also be added to the skills of the operators: specially designed for the transport of vehicles, these giants of the road protect the load from damage.

In short, the car transporter is by far safer than an appendix attached to the car of an inexperienced driver.

Again, however, the levels of protection are far from perfect. This is why, both for carriers and for customers, it could be useful to sign up for an insurance policy.


There are specific insurance instruments

It has been said that the attention and skills of those who offer a car transport service are not enough to guarantee the absence of unexpected events.

Most of the transports, especially on car transporters, go from the origin to the destination without problems. Unfortunately, unpredictable factors such as bad weather and poor road conditions can occasionally cause more or less extensive damage to your car.


The car transport service on car Transporter is safer
The high level of protection guaranteed by car transporters contributes to making professional transport safe.


Furthermore, the transported vehicle, during the journey, may be subjected to a series of risks (such as theft, collisions, loss). For this reason, many insurance companies have policies dedicated to logistics activities. These most often cover:

  • Total or partial damages. As a rule, the insurance compensates for damage caused, for example, by fire, collisions, explosions and atmospheric events. Or, again, from thefts and collisions, even during the loading and unloading of goods;
  • Damages from delay (even indirect). These include pecuniary and financial damages related to any non-punctuality of the transport.

These are, of course, indications given as an example. The duration and coverage of the insurance vary, in fact, depending on the solution chosen at the time of stipulation.

In principle, the insurance policy guarantees the transport carried out directly by the insured or by his employees.

The same remains valid from the moment in which the vehicle is deposited on board the truck until its delivery, stops included (provided that the car remains on board the truck and that this is parked in a protected area).


What about transport damage? The claim for reimbursement

Following the discovery of the damage, promptly communicated by our employees or detected at the end of the delivery, a suitable request for reimbursement must follow.

But beware, you will not be able to receive any compensation if you cannot prove when the damage occurred. This is why, in addition to the insurance policy, we always recommend saving photos and videos, with date and time, of the vehicle, before and after delivery, to support any claim with photographic and video evidence.

This is to prevent insurance companies from rejecting even obvious reasons. For their part, they will proceed, as a matter of practice, to request all the information and documentation necessary to support the request.


Car Transport Service with dedicated insurance policies
The insurance policy guarantees transport from the moment the vehicle is on board until its delivery.


It should be kept in mind that the insurance policies dedicated to logistics activities are, of course, reserved for carriers and shippers. Their signing, however, is convenient for the customer of the transport, given that the national and international conventions, by themselves, severely limit the responsibilities of the carriers.

However, hauliers are not required by law to provide comprehensive insurance coverage. For this reason, it is not obvious that the costs estimated for transport include those relating to a certain type of insurance. It is therefore advisable, before shipping, to inquire and establish with the persons in charge what damages are actually covered in the event of unforeseen events.

So, whether you own a small car or an SUV, we offer a number of shipping alternatives that prioritize safe transportation. And providing the customer with a clear picture of the type and extent of the insurance is one of the prerogatives of Trasauto Logistica.




From Rome to Milan or from Istanbul to Vancouver. The car transport service that reaches everywhere

For over fourty years, the Trasauto Logistica team has been transporting vehicles in Europe and the rest of the world.

If you plan to move to Istanbul (Türkiye) because duty calls. Or even if, for a few months, you need to ship your car to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), then locating a reliable company is crucial. A logistics operator that boasts such experience and know-how as not to betray expectations in terms of quality of service and safety. Which, moreover, can guarantee a complex shipment (from Paris to Dubai and vice versa) even in the face of high priority needs.

Even more so if the specific transport concerns a luxury, vintage or super car.

Trasauto Logistica is a renowned company in the sector and remains, thanks to the company's solidity, the ideal partner.

So, when looking for special vehicle shipping services to distant destinations, such as from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Johannesburg (South Africa), there are a few considerations to keep in mind.


The first consideration, on the international car transport service, is on the cost.

Moving or transferring a car from one continent to another, or from one country to another, via one route or another and through the use of one or more carriers, can determine economic variability of various parameters. Therefore, it is essential to obtain a quote based on the length of the journey and the characteristics of the transport. Furthermore, if specific care must be provided for the vehicle to be transported, it will also be important to consider specific insurance plans. That's why we suggest that you never entrust your vehicle to an improvised, or simply uninsured, auto transport company.


Transportation Damage and reimbursement request
Unpredictable factors such as bad weather and poor road conditions can occasionally cause damage to the car.


Requesting the transfer of a vehicle from us is:

  • easy. Our website is also accessible to less experienced users. On our home page the email and telephone number to contact us are clearly visible, together with the key to access the request for a quote. To organize a transport, simply communicate all the information specified in the form, which includes the route (national, European or non-European);
  • fast. During the estimate phase, our team informs the customer of the various options available. If the transport is a high priority and we are already able to take charge of it, we evaluate ways to make the shipment fast but not excessively expensive together with the customer. In all other cases, we encourage the choice of flexible dates and suggest the most convenient ones for organizing group transport;
  • safe. In more than fourty years we have gained the experience necessary to manage the presence of any unforeseen events. The car transporters we use are all of the latest generation and regularly inspected. Furthermore, our staff knows the insurance tools dedicated to logistics activities and is able to provide the customer with all the necessary assistance.

These three adjectives describe our business regardless of the route.

We never lose sight of our three guiding words, whatever the location of the collection and delivery locations. Or, again, whatever means of transport are used.

Our car transport service is, in fact, easy, fast and safe... even if it is intermodal.


Intermodal transport is no exception

If the shipment is over long distances, simplicity, speed and safety find an excellent ally in the intermodal option.

It is a type of transport that is based on the mutual use of trucks, planes and ships, exploiting their relative advantages. There are cases in which using it can be useful to optimize times and costs.


The intermodal transport of a vehicle
Transporting a vehicle from one state to another may seem difficult, but it's generally pretty simple.


Furthermore, the absence of manipulation of the goods during the journey is a guarantee of lower risk for the transported load.

Finally, the request methods do not differ from those of "traditional" transport.

During the estimate phase, our staff will take care to establish, together with the customer, if the option is actually convenient for that specific case.

Easy, right?

If you need to transport cars or other vehicles, just fill in our contact form. The staff in charge will quickly draw up a detailed quote, suitable for determining the amount you will have to spend in order for the transport to be completed safely and with maximum efficiency.


Or for personalized assistance, you can call the offices in Italy at: +39 (0)828 1818150

or request more information also by e-mail:





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