Feb 24, 2021

Are you looking for a car transport service that meets your needs?

Request a quote by providing the necessary information to arrange your transport in complete safety and professionalism. 

If you are looking for a solution to transport your car, there are different aspects to consider. The first thing you would do is obviously looking for a service that fits into your budget, trying to understand the focus on the costs of the desired transport service. Trasauto has specialized in car transport for over forty years and can help you organize your transport safely and with a great value for money.


Car transport with bisarca, easy, fast and safe


What criteria to consider to get adequate and effective transport?

It is important to collect all the necessary information for the car transport. Place and destination of the vehicle to be transported and vehicle conditions. It’s important to underline this aspect once more, as it should not be underestimated: the conditions of the vehicle to be transported - that is to say, if this is marching or damaged - are very important as they affect the transport conditions and therefore require a particular and safe material and approach to the loading and unloading of the vehicle.

It is also very important to consider the transport date; provide different flexible dates to obtain a more competitive quote and an advantageous price. The quote request will certainly help you choosing the most suitable transport solution.


How long does it take to transport my car?

When we talk about the transport date, we think about transport times and the distance to travel to transport a car from a destination to another.

For example, a car transport in Italy is carried out on average between 3-4 days for a route such as Milan – Rome. For a transport in Europe instead, the timing may be more significant. This criterion can differ: in fact, given the health context nowadays, organizing international or word wide transport may require longer times.

This time frame can be reduced if the company has an important car transporter fleet and a solid international partnership with different transport companies, as in the case of Trasauto. This guarantees a real advantage in terms of transport timing and flexibility for the customers. Generally, we can indicate ten days for a transport in Europe.


How many cars can be carried by a car transporter?

Obviously, there are different types of transport and car transporters. A car transporter allows to load up to 10 vehicles on average. This type of car transporter is used mostly by car dealerships. Choosing this type of transport allows to benefit in terms of costs for car transport.

Now that car transport criteria are clear, we suggest you ask for different quotes to choose the transport that best meets your needs.





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