Sep 08, 2021

Nowadays it's a fact that Covid-19 has changed our habits. Worldwide economy has to adapt itself to this new situation, to renovate and to find a new balance in order to deal with this sanitary emergency.

Even the sector of car transport service suffered the consequences of this unprecented crisis. But how companies are going to being prepared in order to deal with this adn with the near future?


The impact of the Coronavirus on the car transport service


Covid-19 impacted on every field and on our economy. Even transport has been influenced by this situation.

But how? How will the supply change? Which are the loss for the companies?

Transport field starts to be impacted by Covid-19, whatever are the modalities. As consequence, there are many disavantages that press upon the field and bring many doubts out on the next months. These are: limitations on transport, slowdown in logistics and stop of the supplies.

Covid-19 has changed and will change our habits, especially carriers' ones. Restrictions, temperature check and self-declarations for transfert will impact directly on: terms for delivery and accessibility to different destinations.

The blockage of borders is a real obstacle to transport companies at both international and worldwide sectors. In addition, there also is the blockage of many car dealers and car manufacturers, who represent an important market share for car transport by truck.

In the last few months, there have been conspicous reductions in car transporter activity, until a complete stop because of a Decree of national authority, which closed completely automotive chain and limitations to circulation between different areas of Italy.


How car transport will be post Covid-19? 

As in any situation, you try to take advantage and find a solution. Because of an almost 84% drop in sales and restrictions to the production, car dealers had to be reinvented themselves and opted for home delivery, such like many restaurants and shops. An exemple is Tesla, who chose to deliver their cars to customer's home directly. This originality did have an unexpected benefit to car transporters. It really seems that it's the right way in order to deal with this health crisis due to Covid-19. Even many countries, such as China, is going to test this innovation to cope with this crisis and new purchase trends.

The customer choose both place and time for delivery. This kind of "emergency" solution hasn't been adopted by all car dealers but allows to limit losses and to test a new service in compliance with health and hygiene standards.

As consequence, both car dealers and car transport companies took benefit with this new service, as they faced with heavy sells losses because of total lockdown.  Plus, they could build customer loyalty to this type of transport. Many companies are on high alert and they continue to reinvent themselves and to organise their own fleet in compliance with health and hygiene standards, pointing out to a common goal: a gradual resumption of their business.





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