Oct 26, 2018

Car transport: professionalism, safety and delivery on time.

Certainly, many companies are going to be specialised in car transportation. What are the services they propose? How to choose a trustworthy company?

Trasauto Logistica have been on car transport market for 40 years. Our mission is transporting your cars from a destination to another in complete security and professionalism. Moreover, thanks to our fleet we are able to propose a tailor-made transport solution for any type of vehicle. For istance, damaged cars, heavy goods vehicle, farm machineries or sport cars and collection prototypes.

Therefore, what is our advantage? We suggest to our customers a well-qualified team for any kind of vehicle and professional drivers specialised in every type of manoeuvre during loading and unloading the vehicle. The main goal of our company is delivering the vehicle in perfect conditions and on time.


Car transport conditions


What are the phases during the car transport?

According to Trasauto Logistica it's important to be well informed, in order to make a tailored-made quote and a well-organised transport. 

So, in addition to personal informations we need to know pick-up and delivery points. If places are accessible to our car transporters, we could even make home pick-up and delivery. Firstly, it's necessary for us knowing the model and type of the vehicle and quantity, in order to choose the most appropriate car transporter. Secondly, another important matter is the vehicle condition, especially if the vehicle is damaged because of an accident or if it's totally in working. For most of you, this last matter could be a detail but it's fundamental and it could make a huge difference. Transporting a damaged car or a not working one is very complicated, because it requires professional and tactic operations, appropriate material and suitable car transporters.

In addition to grant a safe transport, Trasauto Logistica main goal is not increasing more damages to a not working vehicle and operationally limited one. All cars-to-be-transported must be insured and have all papers in order. Trasauto Logistica proposes a well-qualified and responsive logistic service, which let us to be fully supportive in whatever vehicle to be transported, both in Italy and abroad. Moreover, we take charge of insurance during transport, vehicle repatriation, declarations and documents for customs in case of not EU countries, the drafting of transport contract. Besides, we grant a high-qualified and complete support in order to acknowledge an high quality transport service. 

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us for a free quotation.





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