Sep 25, 2018

Car transport: rely on professionals in the sector.

The first thing to know is that car transport mainly depends on the distance to be travelled, the type of vehicle and its conditions, whether damaged or perfectly working. This blog article aims to show you in total transparency – one of Trasauto company’s core values – the factors that affect the costs of transport by truck.

Car transporter is the method our company has specialized in: it consists in vehicle transport by truck. This type of transport is very simple and efficient. An experienced and professional transporter takes care of picking up your car directly at the agreed place and loading it on the car transporter.

One of the strengths of our company is logistics, we provide our customers with a complete and safe service to support them during all stages, administrative and customs-related: from the pick-up of your car to its delivery.




So, let’s consider what are the factors that affect and influence the cost of a car transport

Among the aspects that most affect the price variation:

  • Vehicle type: Trasauto offers a diversified service and a wide range of transports for cars, boats, agricultural machinery, heavy vehicles etc.
  • The distance to be travelled: our company travels on different routes on the national, international, and intercontinental level, with diversified and qualified staff. The goal is to fulfil your requirements, transport your vehicle around the world and take care of the logistical and administrative aspect.
  • Date flexibility: the cost of an individual car transport and the cost of the transport of many vehicles on a cart transporter are different. Combining many transports means saving for us, but above all for the customer.
  • The condition of the vehicle: among our services, we make an important distinction between transporting perfectly working vehicles and damaged or crashed vehicles. The latter require special attention and a more delicate type of transport to limit any possible risk.


Experience & Quality in the car transport sector

Transport of cars with car transporters with 50 years of experience: Trasauto allows you to save time and have a highly professional and safe service.

Our strength consists in being able to guarantee specialized vehicles for each type of transport that comply with all safety standards capable of carrying out both short and international routes.

Our team offers a highly qualified service, with a staff committed to meeting your needs in terms of delivery time and location.

We offer very competitive rates to transport your vehicles throughout Italy and internationally. To get a concrete idea of the prices applied, for instance, on the Rome – Milan, Rome – Paris, Sicily – Paris routes, do not hesitate to request a quote on our website, our team will support you and offer you a tailor-made solution.





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