Mar 01, 2020

How to transport your car from a destination to another? Trasauto is here to explain. This article will help you discover the advantages of the car transport service with car transporter and how our transport society works.


Car transport to all destinations


If you are looking for a professional for the transport of your car, Trasauto has a 30-year experience with car transporters. Entrust your car to experts and professionals. Whether it is for the transport of a vehicle for professionals or private customers, out fleet is able to carry out transport throughout Italy.

We transport all types of vehicles: small cars, vans, sportscars and collection cars, agricultural machinery and heavy vehicles. Our fleet of car transporters and our experience allow us to transport both perfectly working vehicles and non-running vehicles. We ensure safety, confidentiality and care during all stages of transport, from the pick-up to the delivery of the car.

Support and administrative quality for the transport of your car

In order to meet your needs, we provide a first-class commercial service, supporting you and responding to the request for your quotes. Reactivity and flexibility are our keys to your need’s satisfaction.

Thanks to our administration service, you can benefit from our support in all the car transport practices, insurance, contract and transport conditions. All our quotes are customized and free.


Who relies on our car transport services?

Car manufacturers, industrial groups, dealerships, garage owners and private customers. We guarantee a professional service and we pay attention to their requests, needs and transport demands.

Car transport service is the most affordable solution thanks to the relatively low costs, a cheap solution compared to the rental of a transport vehicle and a private driver.

Indeed, price can vary according to the conditions of the car to be transported. To this regard, we recommend you request a quote before signing any transport contract.

Trasauto covers several routes all over Italy, from north to south and vice versa. For a national transport, the delivery time can range from 7 to 15 days.


What if my car is damaged?

If you have a problem with your damaged car, transport with a car transporter is the best solution. Just specify it when requesting a quote. This can impact the cost of the transport as you need a specific material and a specific car transporter for this kind of vehicle, and a highly qualified service to limit further damages to your car and transport it in complete safety.





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